LifeQode EDG3 PLus* x 6 free EDG3 Plus bottle

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LifeQode EDG3 Plus*

Elevate Your Health, Every Day

EDG3 Plus is  a multi-functional beverage, made using innovative technology, that protects, nourishes and strengthens your body from within. Made from the ‘Power of 3’ ingredients: turmeric, Vitamin D3 and glutathione amino acid blend, we applied the most precise science to achieve an immune-boosting and energy-elevating product that meets the needs of today’s hectic lifestyles.

Innovative scientific formulation
Created by experts | Informed by 20+ research papers | Rigorously tested and clinically proven ingredients  
Multi-functional health benefits
Optimal personalised nutrition | Broad spectrum, whole-system benefits | Reduces the need for multiple supplements
Taste as a priority
Amazingly fresh, fruity flavour | Extensively taste-tested with consumers | Natural sweetness with no added sugar
Inspired by nature. Informed by science. Powered by plants.