LifeQode EDG3 Junior

USD 37.00

EDG3 Junior is made from US-patented amino acid blend used in EDG3, which are the key nutrients for our body to generate glutathione in the body. This formula works better than vitamin C in building a stronger immune system among children because glutathione works from inside your cell. It is the cell guardian that protect their DNA from environmental toxin damage. Moreover, glutathione can recycle vitamin C and make it work better and longer.


Every day, your body uses up the glutathione in your body for daily metabolic processes. Hence, it is important for your children to consume the right nutrients needed for daily glutathione production. EDG3 Junior is formulated by renowned research scientist and physician, Dr Albert Crum, a Harvard alumnus. It is easily absorbed by the body and, owing to its unique technology, has been clinically proven to effectively improve children’s immunity and to protect their brain and nervous system development.

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  • Strengthens immunity to prevent flu or cold
  • Improves your child’s memory, mental focus, and concentration
  • Promotes healthier vision
  • Supports a healthy digestive system
  • Protects against contaminants and pollutant damage

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Immune booster combo 3

USD 813.00

What is in the package

  • 7 x EDG3
  • 4 x LifeQode EDG3 Junior
  • 8 x BioSilver
  • Shipping : USD 109.13

Immune booster combo 2

USD 407.00

What is in the package

  • 3 x EDG3
  • 2 x LifeQode EDG3 Junior
  • 5 x BioSilver
  • Shipping : USD 56.73

Healthy Offer

USD 107.00 USD 78.00

What is in the package

  • 1 x EDG3
  • 1 x LifeQode EDG3 Junior
  • Shipping : USD 6.58