Helping distributors Build a Sustainable Business

We are the pioneers and the voice for the direct selling industry in many emerging economies and we take that responsibility seriously. Our mission is to educate, inform and train our distributors to uphold the highest standards in conducting their business. As aspiring entrepreneurs, they are not just building a business that helps them become financially independent; they are leading a wave of change.

To support our growing network of distributors in building a professional and sustainable business, we have established a programme called QNETPRO.

Under QNETPRO, we conduct training programmes, online seminars, create awareness through social media campaigns and videos, provide educational materials through online and offline channels, and help instil in our distributors a sense of pride for being at the forefront of a thriving industry.



At QNET, we believe in walking the talk. We require complete adherence to QNET’s Code of Conduct and compliance with our Policies and Procedures. At this time, when the direct selling industry is becoming a profession of choice in many emerging economies, it is important for us to set high standards. We take violations to our policies and code of conduct very seriously. In the last 3 years, QNET has terminated numerous distributors in more than 30 countries for non-compliance, policy violations, or unethical practices.

If you would like to bring a policy violation or misrepresentation of QNET business or product to our attention, please send an email to the address below:

[email protected]