Amani Pendant

USD 2,060.00

Enlighten Your Life

A collection of faith-affirming symbols of devotion to Islam, The Iman Collection showcases engaging designs that provide an outlet for those who wear their faith for all to witness. 

Designed with superior craftsmanship and attention to fine detail, each piece in The Iman Collection is a worthy testament to the firm conviction that all will be well under the guidance of Allah. Each piece that comprises this jewellery collection embodies the unwavering strength that we find in our faith.

To nurture a devotion to a belief much larger than ourselves is in itself the greatest reward. The Amani Pendant takes this fulfilling notion of hope and calm assurance and symbolises it within an elaborate circle of Bismillah Arabic calligraphy. 

With its diamond and yellow gold design, the never-ending nature of the circle is our reminder that Allah is infinite, and He is magnificent. 

When wearing the Amani Pendant, it is our own silent supplication to Allah that He may rest His guiding hand upon us and lead us to prosperity, success, and unity.
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Content 18K Yellow Gold
Weight 2.9 g.
Precious Stone 0.21 ct, H/ SI

*Chain is not included*