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All LOCAL LANGUAGE text is translated from English. Every effort is made to translate all documents accurately but the English version will prevail in the event of any ambiguity. QNET is not liable for any losses caused by any discrepancy between the two versions.

Seek independent advice before accepting any document or text including the Policies and Procedures or Sales Terms and Conditions that's not translated into LOCAL LANGUAGE and/or which you do not understand. QNET will rely on your acceptance of all terms or conditions.

We will email you a copy of the Business Agreement, Policies & ProceduresCode of Ethics and the Earnings and Income Disclaimer for your future reference. However, be aware that these documents may be updated without notice and it is your obligation to check for any amendments which may be made.

By using eStore, you agree to accept unconditionally the terms of this Disclaimer and as they may be revised and/or amended from time to time by QNet Ltd without prior notice to you. It’s your obligation to monitor and check for any revisions and/or any amendments which may be made.

By clicking ACCEPT, I agree that:

  • I accept the terms and conditions of the Policies & Procedures, Code of Ethics, and Earnings and Income Disclaimer.
  • I confirm this is my only IRship and I understand multiple accounts are prohibited in the Policies & Procedures. I allow my personal information to be used in accordance with the Privacy Policy.
  • The person who introduced me to QNet Ltd treated me fairly at all times.
  • QNET will email me a copy of the Business Agreement, Policies & Procedures, Code of Ethics, and Earnings Disclaimer.
  • Be reminded that you are not allowed to duplicate your IRship by submitting further application(s). Duplication of IRship is a violation of the company's Policies & Procedures. An IR committing such violation will be subject to any action the company deems fit to rectify such duplication of IRship.
  • I hereby expressly provide my consent to QNet Ltd. to use the personal information submitted for the purpose of enrolling me into the business plan as stipulated in the P&P and activities incidental thereto and for the purchase of products under T&C. I understand and agree that the personal information submitted may be disclosed to third party as may be necessary to give effect and to carry out the terms and conditions of this Business Agreement. I allow my personal information to be used in accordance with the Privacy Policy.

One-Year IRShip Package - USD 31.50

  • IRShip Fee (one year)
  • 5% VAT Inclusive
  • Three Tracking Centres
  • One-year access to the QNET Virtual Office
  • One-year access to two QNET eStores:
    • eStore
    • Redemption eStore
  • Q Account to manage your commissions
  • QNET mobile website and downloadable applications 
  • Online business, marketing and eCommerce tools
  • IR Business Card template
  • An archive of the official QNET magazine, aspIRe (online eBook only)


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