Quespresso Machine

USD 550.00

Start your day the right way at the touch of a button – Quespresso. is back in black. This easy-to-use coffee machine is where your quest for the perfect cup begins and ends. With its energy-saving and minimalist design, it ensures an even and unadulterated water flow through the quality ground coffee at an ideal temperature, retaining the fresh aroma and flavour of our sustainably sourced coffee and tea capsules to prepare immaculate brews every single day.

What’s so special about this version, you ask? Well, this new is now also compatible with two capsule sizes – 44 and 62 mm – adding more gourmet coffee options to your delight!

  • الشحن : USD 12.00

الأسعار لا تشمل ضريبة القيمة المضافة، رسوم الشحن والمناولة عند الاقتضاء.

  • Water tank capacity: 0.8L
  • Transparent removable water tank
  • 19-bar Italian pump
  • ON/OFF main switch
  • Menu: Short-Espresso/Long-Lungo or Americano
  • One-push button with white LED and manual or auto stop
  • Standby for 15 minutes
  • Indication when ready to brew
  • Energy-saving and minimalist design
  • Compatible with both 42-mm and 64-mm coffee capsules

عروض خاصة

Holistic Essence 2

دولار أمريكي 1,000.00

محتويات الباقة

  • 1 x Quespresso Machine
  • 2 x LifeQode Belite 123
  • الشحن : دولار أمريكي 41.00
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