Delos Set

USD 2,080.00

Philosophy and art collide to create a new aesthetic.

Organic shapes are a universal call to nature while parallel straight lines evoke primordial order. Inspired by the ancient architecture of the Island of Delos, this set is crafted with polished white gold and full-cut diamonds. This bold pendant and earring set echoes the beauty found in nature and the mastery of modern artisans to recreate her grace.

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الأسعار لا تشمل ضريبة القيمة المضافة، رسوم الشحن والمناولة عند الاقتضاء.

Content 18K White Gold
Weight 1.0 g.
Precious Stone 0.03 ct diamonds, H/SI

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Content 18K White Gold,
Ear studs with pins and premium butterflies
Weight 1.9 g.
Precious Stone 0.03 ct diamonds, H/SI

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